Smile Vizag Dental

A Story About Smile Vizag Dental

In the heart of Vizag, where smiles are crafted with dedication and skill, there stands a testament to perseverance and passion. Smile Vizag Dental Clinic founded by a dynamic duo of dentists Dr. M SATISH and Dr. NIRMALA PASAM, this clinic embodies the journey of unwavering dedication and the pursuit of a dream. Today, Smile Vizag Dental Clinic stands as a beacon of hope and expertise, offering not just dental services but a warm embrace of care and professionalism.


The journey to this moment had been a winding path. Nirmala began the venture into dentistry in 1998, not initially my passion but soon discovering it was my true calling, to the twists of fate that led me to post graduation degree in Prosthodontics 2004 from KLE’VK Dental College. During the same year Satish also joined post-graduation from MS Ramaiah Institute of Dental Sciences in his dream subject Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. We both worked as faculty in renowned Institutions, post graduate guides and later to the intricate world of implantology (2013)under the mentorship prof Dr. Shanker Iyer (USA) a turning point that ignited a relentless passion within us.

In 2016, Smile Vizag embarked on an exhilarating journey, transforming dreams into reality. With each step forward, the journey was marked by excitement and challenges, as we laid the foundation for what would become a beacon of hope and positivity.”


However, amidst professional accolades and personal milestones, a tempest brewed in 2019.Forced to depart from my cherished role as a professor due to turbulent politics, we found ourselves at a crossroads, with our budding implant course hanging in the balance. From adversity sprang innovation. Understanding the pulse of aspiring clinicians, we reshaped our courses, infusing them with practical wisdom and affordability, a guiding light for those navigating the labyrinth of dentistry.

Dr. Satish currently holds the position of Professor and Head at Gitam Dental College, a testament to his 20 years of perseverance, hard work, and unwavering dedication. Outside of his professional life, Satish cherishes moments spent with his family and indulges his passion for cricket.

Dr. NIRMALA is currently both a dedicated clinician and an emerging speaker in the fields of implantology and prosthodontics. Outside of dentistry, NIRMALA is a fitness enthusiast who finds joy in the power of weight training, the liberation of long runs, the therapeutic benefits of gardening, and the endless exploration of travel.

The establishment of our clinic and courses stemmed from this transformative journey. Our clinic isn’t merely a facility for dental care; it’s a sanctuary where dedication, expertise, and empathy unite to not only restore smiles but also revive hope and confidence.

Meet Our Consultants

Dr.kondala rao B

Specialist in Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry

specialist in pediatric & preventive dentistry and Enhanced in performing root canal treatments (RCT). He did his bachelor in dental surgery degree followed by masters in dental surgery in pediatric & preventive dentisty. He is currently working as an associate professor and practising as a consultant pediatric dental surgeon and root canal specialist from past 9 years. he is much about in performing single sitting root canals(RCT) for adults and specialised in counseling parents and children in prevention and cessation of various dental problems and deleterious oral habits (habit breaking) and treating special childs with utmost care.

Dr. Madhuri Collooru

Experienced Orthodontist

 a decade of expertise in traditional braces, aligners and mini implants. Throughout their career, she has excelled in her field. Driven by a passion for outdoor activities like trekking, she also stay updated with the latest advances in orthodontics, ensuring the highest quality of care for her patients.

Kunthsam Venugopal,BDS,MDS


Anil  Neerukonda  Institute of  Dental Sciences


Dr  K Venugopal is an experienced Periodontist with a primary goal of creating healthy gums and happy smiles. He has performed preventive care and oral health care for several patients over 23 years. He values integrity and respects aspects that will build better confidance and trust from the patients towards him.

                Venugopal has graduated from the prestigious institute Meenakshiammal Dental College, Tamilnadu and did his specialization (MDS) in Periodontology from the same university. He has also acquired fellowship in ICOI(International Congress of Oral Implantologists) and got trained in exclusive laser surgeries under IALD (Indian Academy of Laser Dentistry) He has versatile expertise in Laser flap surgeries, plastic and esthetic surgeries and dental implants.

Adding to his expertise he is a well known academician working as Professor in ANIDS in the department of Periodontology. Dr Venugopal also volunteers his time for service at IDA (Indian Dental Association) and ISP study circle.

Dr. Bhargavi Damaraju

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

She specialises in root canal treatment which involves repairing dental pulp in a tooth. Her persona and work embody this dental pulp which protects a tooth in every way a mother would protect and nurture her child. Though she is a master in her art, the best part is her kindness, friendly and gracious attitude which is visible in her treatment and patient engagement.

State-ranked in PG entrance, she got her master’s degree (MDS) from the SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics and her bachelor’s degree (BDS) from Osmania Government and Dental College, Hyderabad.


She is also a certified Implantologist and an Operative Dentist to add to her repertoire.